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Arima Communications Selects Discretix’s DRM Client for Feature Phones and Smartphones

Today, our client, Discretix, announced another design win.  This time, its Tawain-based Arima Communications.  The deal is a first, because it’s a software-only win.

Our client’s OMA DRM V2.0 client has been selected for inclusion into Arima Communications’ full range of feature phones and Smartphones.
DRM provides the critical security infrastructure layer to facilitate the rollout of mobile content download services. Developed to comply with the recently released OMA DRM V2.0 specification, the Discretix Client features an outstanding level of security and is fully interoperable with leading DRM servers. Boasting high performance and a low code size, the DRM client supports all major feature phone and smartphone operating systems and can be integrated with both hardware and software cryptographic libraries.

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