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Are You Looking for New Technology Trends for CES 2007?

If you are a member of the media or are an industry analyst with a specific interest  new technologies coming out for the CES Show in January, I’d like to brief you with a sneak preview of upcoming new loudspeaker compensation algorithms and semiconductor products announcements from our client, Waves.

Our client offers consumer electronic manufacturers signal processing solutions to compensate for limitations in loudspeaker and acoustics. The consumer electronics industry’s need for smaller, thinner, lighter, and more power efficient products has made loudspeaker acoustics the audio/video performance bottleneck in a wide range of products including LCD televisions, personal computers, portable audio systems, and mobile phones.   

Waves offers its solutions as custom semiconductor products and algorithm licensing on third party DSPs.  Waves patented MaxxBass technology has already been shipped in more than ten million units from leading brands such as Sony, Samsung, Sanyo, NEC, JVC, Clarion, Audio Products International, Altec Lansing, and others.

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