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Are You Incorporating QR Codes Into Your Social Identity and PR Outreach?

I’m discovering the application of QR codes as part of my online / social identity.


My QR code is on my letterhead, email signature, and on my next round of business cards from Moo.

I want to make it as easy and flexible as possible to reach, connect and stay in touch with friends, clients, media, bloggers and analysts that I work with on behalf of the work I do.


I’m personally using the Jumpscan application which builds your free QR Code.

On my iPhone, I got the free AT&T Scanner app.

How about you?  Are you planning to use QR codes as part of your social identity or PR outreach?

Chime in and leave a comment.

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  1. I’ve been struggling to incopropare a QR code into a MOO business card as the online software keeps cropping my QR code (which obviously renders it useless). I have tried about a dozen different sizes in line with the onscreen prompts, but keep getting the same cropped image. What pixel dimensions did you eventually use to fit the QR code onto the card?


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