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Are Consumers Ahead of Marketers On The Mobile / Social Web?

I’m making a point of watching what people do when they stand it line.  


It could be the grocery store check out line, at a fast food restaurant, the train station, a doctor’s office, or the bank.

I’m observing more and people standing in line or just stopping en route and checking in, connecting, providing coordinates and yes, perhaps making a buying decision.

If they are not buying in real time, maybe they are getting ready to make a decision to buy.  Or maybe they are influencing.  Or perhaps sharing. 

Try this exercise over the next few days and observe.   

What do you see that you have not seen before? 

 Are you listening, engaging and maybe even helping your customers, your partners, or prospects so you can be ahead of decision making curve?

Photo by Alan Weinkrantz – shot on location at Waterloo Train Station / London (c) 2009

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