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ARC Honors Client, N-trig, ‘Best Configurable SoC Design’ Award at ConfigCon Israel 2008 Event

RC International today announced that its customer N-trig Ltd. is the winner of the ‘Best Configurable SoC Design’ award. It was presented to our client, Lenny Engelhardt, vice president of business development at N-trig at the second annual ConfigCon™ Israel developer conference held April 1, 2008 in Herzliya.

An ARC customer, N-trig is the provider of DuoSense™ technology that combines pen and zero-pressure touch for mobile and fixed computers into a single device. N-trig’s DuoSense digitizers are faster, more sensitive and accurate, use less power, and are easier to integrate than traditional solutions. The digitizers are based on transparent sensor technology and use capacitive touch instead of resistive touch, enabling the best touch experience in any input device for the personal computing industry.

Congrats to the N-trig team!!

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