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Arabrenuer Helps Accelerate the Next Great Startup Economy. New Fund Event to Be Held on November 5 in Ramallah.

Back in July I visited my friend Hanan Khaldi who told me that she was leaving PITA – The Palestine IT Association of Companies, to go to a new gig.   At the time, Hanan could share anything with what would be next in her life.

I get to work with a lot of very smart and nice people in the tech and startup world, and I figured that wherever she was going to, and whoever managed to get her as a team member, Hanan was going to be joining a pretty amazing team.

Fast forward to October, where I crossed paths with Abdul Malik Al Jaber, who is the Chairman of MENA Apps and one of the founders of Arabreneur.  Abdul has a modest vision of creating 100 million new jobs through the startup economy of the Arab world.

Listen and watch to what Abdul has to say.

It’s in the later when you watch, you can see his passion and desire to transform the Arab region’s startup economy of the world.

The growth is there.

The rate of acceleration and transition not only to the Internet, but the social / mobile web is the fastest growing in the world.

On November 5, Arabreneur has its first event in Palestine to introduce their new startup fund in Ramallah.

If you are anywhere in the region in early November, you’d be well advised to attend this event, and see what’s bubbling up in this region of the world.

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