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Apple iPad Mini Review – Day 1: What Can I Do With This New Form Factor

This morning I did the ceremonious ritual and stood in line at the Apple Store / NorthStar Mall in San Antonio. to buy a new iPad Mini.

Part of my decision to get the iPad Mini is that aside from the fact that I buy Apple gear, I am trying to make some changes in the way I work, create, collect and store information,  and create media in 2013.  I believe that new form factors combined with a terrific user experience will contribute to how I approach helping clients.

Work aside, I like to take photos and have become a pretty avid Instagram user for on-going story telling as I travel, and continue to put my more serious photos on my Flickr site.  My YouTube Channel has over 500 videos.

I also just ordered a MacBook Air, which will soon replace my MacBook PRO.  Six weeks ago, I made the switch to the iPhone5.  Getting ready for 2013, I now have a core toolkit for voice / data and video communications worldwide.

Today I spent of my my time with the iPad Mini just walking around and carrying it.  It’s noticeably light, easy to hold in one hand, looks great, easy to use, and has a terrific screen.  I believe this device  is on its way to becoming the most serious extension to my brain since I started using computers thirty years ago.

More to come…




There were maybe only 50 people standing in line when the doors opened at 8:00 AM

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