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Apple iPad Launch at La Cantera / San Antonio

Boys will boys. And the boys were out this morning, standing in line and having a blast at the Apple Store / La Cantera buying iPads.

It was great to again join forces with Nan Palmero who was buying an iPad with his cool wife / amazing photographer, Ashley, Robert Taylor, and Wes Wilson. We also celebrity spotted Rob La Gesse who showed up to join in the festivities.

Enjoy and leave your comments about you like your iPad and what you hope to do with it.

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  1. Alan,After using the iPad for 2 days now. I believe this is the future of delivering television and online content. The ABC and Netflix apps are great (even though they are buggy) — and once AT&T releases their U-Verse app to watch recorded shows from your main DVR — it won’t get much better than that.@michaelharmon


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