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Apple iPad Mini Review Day 8

I’m not doing a daily review of my progress of using my new iPad Mini.  I wanted to wait few days to use it, change some habits, and travel.

1.  Deleting and Adding New Apps

I’m continuing to delete previously used apps I had on my iPad, wanting to focus more on using the ipad Mini as my tool for note taking, staying organized, reading content and exploring how to use the camera in a different way than how I use the camera on my iPhone.

I am also adding a few new apps – mostly because of a client project I am working on where I am exploring new apps in the medical field.  I think of them as temporary placeholders until the research is done.

2.  Whole Lotta Reading Goin’ On..

I like reading and find that I am reading even more on the iPad Mini more than I do on my iPad 2, particularly in bed.  I just find that the form factor and the weight difference, makes a big difference.

3.  My New Transistor Radio

When I was a child, I had an AM radio with an earphone that I would hide under my pillow at bed time.  My parents thought I was fast asleep, as I was tuning into KLIF AM radio in Dallas which was the rock and roll station back then.  It’s where I could listen to the Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Chubby Checker, James Brown and all the great Motown Music that was going mainstream.

While podcasts are hardly new, I am making a concerted effort to listen to some podcasts on business, economics and health.

4.   My New Clock Radio

I’ve been on Spotify for about six months, and just switched to the paid version.  At $10.00 per month, it’s a great bargain, and I can discover what other people are listening to, discover new music, and hopefully save money on what I was spending on iTunes.

5.   My New TV.  Kind Of…

On Monday, I killed off my TV service from AT&T.   I still have broadband, but no TV service.  It’s taken me a long time to get to the point where I could do this, and finally took the leap.   I now have NetFlix and bought an Apple TV device.  I’m looking to using my iPad Mini to watch more content on YouTube, NetFlix and Amazon Prime’s free video library.

As I write this post, I am in Hutchinson, KS, at the SmallTown 2012 Conference, which is part of the #140Conf events.  I work with Jeff Pulver on sponsorships, and our main sponsor, Verizon, is promoting wireless  broadband in small towns, and the video above is a tour of the Verizon store in Hutchinson where the conference is taking place.   While Verizon does not have the iPad Mini in their store yet, they do have iPads, and I was told stories about the impact of devices like these in small towns.


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