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Announcing the launch of pulverTV: The First 100% “Indie Internet TV” Channel

Jeff Pulver is at it again:  he’s just announced the formal launch of pulverTV, his new 24/7 "Indie Internet TV Channel."

At pulverTV, each week he is taking on the task of creating 12-14 hours of his own original programming

In addition to his own shows, he’s been working with over 40 producers of independently created Internet TV shows across a variety of genres and has  included the shows from these producers in the daily program schedule.

I’ve been watching Jeff’s shows regularly, and I suggested you "tune in" real time, even though you can watch it when it is "recorded." 

Another thing I do at work, is just listen to the audio and when something or someone really cool or interesting is doing something visual, I will take a break from work and watch the video portion.

Either way, I highly recommend checking into this type of video programming.

Good luck to Jeff and his crew!

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