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Announcing Sponsorship Opportunities for #Fashion140 Conference: May 2011 in New York City

I’m working with Jeff Pulver on sponsorship opportunities for a new #140Conf event.

Staying true to providing a platform for the worldwide social media community to: listen, connect, share and engage with each other, while collectively exploring the effects of the emerging real-time internet and social media on business, Jeff Pulver is teaming with Lilly Berelovich of Fashion Snoops to create the first ever #Fashion140 –

#Fashion140 is collaborative event examining how social media culture, and the use of real-time web platforms are reshaping the fashion business. My hope is to attract a diverse worldwide community of passionate people who will gather in New York City and connect with one another. The carefully curated speakers will each have 10 minute slots to share their first-hand accounts of how the emerging real-time Internet has impacted their part of the Fashion industry. Our panel discussions will run from 10 to 20 minutes each.

Fashion140 is not an event about micro blogging or about sharing Twitter “tips and techniques,” but rather it is the place where we will explore the effects of the real-time Internet across the fashion industry ecosystem.

Please follow @Fashion140Conf for up-to-date information about this event.

If you are a brand that has an interest in sponsoring and connecting with the real time Fashion industry, reach out – alan at weinkrantz dot com to learn more.

Call for Speakers:

Wanted: Creative, out-of-the-box thinkers to share first-hand experience on how social media strategies have impacted their fashion related business.

We look for success stories and brave attempts directly related to the real time Internet, social media and Fashion.

What we hope to bring together is a gathering of people with a variety of backgrounds and together explore the future of where things are going and how to best prepare the community at large to get there.

Fashion Areas we may cover include: Accessories / Advertising / Analytics / Apparel/Garment / Branding / Brands/Collection/Label / Company / Footwear/Leather / Cosmetics / Denim/Jeans / Import and Exports / Fashion Designers / Fashion Trends / Gems & Jewelry / Market Trends / Music / Product Placement / Watches / Models / Education + Institute / Retail/Chain Stores / Embroidery / Fabrics / Home Furnishings / Handicraft / Book Author / Marketing /

If you are interested in speaking at: #Fashion140, please submit your speaking proposal by February 18th over at:

The key to being selected to speak at Fashion140 is to submit a speaking proposal which shares your passion with a topic with how it has been by the real-time Internet. We are looking for first-hand accounts of the impact of the real-time Internet across the in the Fashion industry. For examples of previous #140Conf presentations view our video archives here.

So please, think about what YOU could contribute to the dialog, and who you may know who would be interested in being part of this event.

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