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And Then I Run Into Deborah Schultz at The Marker Conference in Tel Aviv

Day Two of the Marker "Comvention" in Tel Aviv continues.  Most of the presentations today are in Hebrew. 

I had a chance to visit with Deborah Schultz formerly of SixApart who is now on her own doing consulting work.  (Shel….we both send regards from here.)


Even though my Hebrew is not so good (emphasize not so good) I did not need to understand the language to see the fact that Google-Israel is making headway here.

Don’t forget, many of the original Internet 1.0 start-ups came from Israel, and VoIP was commercialized here.


There is a venture capital industry, that while not in size or scope as the U.S., certainly mirrors its activities and many VCs either come here for due diligence and seeking comanies to invest in, or have Israel-based offices.

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