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And Now….My Newest Blog

I have started a new blog which joins my other blogs, SAtechBLOG and 3Screens as well as 826 Cambridge Oval, my house blog which was retired after selling my house two years ago.

Here’s the story:  My favorite rock hero is Pete Townshend from The Who.  Sure, as a middle aged white boy from Texas, I do love Keith Richards, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and many others, but Pete remains numero uno in my book.

He just announced a new project that goes live on May 1. 

It’s called The Lifehouse Method which is software that creates music, allowing you to ‘sit’ for a musical portrait just as if you were being painted. The software ‘paints’ your music. My blog is called LifehouseMethodBlog which you can see the beginnings of now.

According to the web site, after you’ve sat for your Method portraits, you can download them, play them back at your leisure, share them with your friends, compare them, noticing the similarities and differences between them, which will vary according to your input into the process.

The Method Music Team – Pete, Lawrence and Dave

The Method Music Software has been developed under the patronage of Pete Townshend by mathematician/composer Lawrence Ball and software developer Dave Snowdon. A team of composers, personally approved by and occasionally including Pete Townshend, will regularly listen to Method Music portraits and select a few for further development / elaboration.

Stay tuned….as I get in tune with this initiative and figure it out.

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