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And Now, I Decided to Go With An iPhone – But Still Kept The BlackBerry – At Least For Now

I decided to move forward with an iPhone.  But I am still keeping my BlackBerry – for now. Picture_4

I still have my BlackBerry,
and will give this whole experiment one month to decide what I am going
to do.   The only thing I am hesitant about going with the iPhone is
that I have to shut it off when I go overseas as so to avoid huge
roaming bills.  One good thing about the BlackBerry is that AT&T
offers and international roaming plan that costs $20 extra each month
and you can receive and send all the email you can eat.

Remembering when I switched to the Mac, no matter how great I
thought it would be (and I am glad I switched) it did take some time
getting used to.

As they say in TVLand, "stay tuned."

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