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An Open Pitch To A Prospective Client in Israel

There is a prospective client in Israel that we are currently pitching.

The client-to-be contends that he does not need a U.S. PR firm because he is not doing business in the U.S. as of yet. 

Maybe I am sounding like an arrogant American PR guy, but I have seen time after time where we have helped foreign clients set up virtual offices in the U.S. and create U.S. centric media campaigns that generated new business and the eventual establishment of their U.S. subsidiaries.

The fact that our campaigns are U.S. based means that our positioning, our language and our messaging is aimed at the U.S. market, but our reach is global.

Once you have the right coverage in the targeted trade media, business media and blogosphere who covers your space, news becomes viral.

It becomes global.

It impacts and creates deal flow.

I’d welcome responses both for and against my thesis from global PR pros outside of the U.S.   Send to: alan at weinkrantz dot com.

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