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Alsbridge Inc. Announces Partnership with NelsonHall to Assist Clients in Gaining Knowledge on Outsourcing and Shared Service Success

Our client, Alsbridge, the  award winning global outsourcing and shared services advisory firm, has announced that its clients now have access to the BPO expertise of NelsonHall’s analysts, as a result of a formal relationship between the company and NelsonHall, the leading BPO analyst firm.

The agreement with NelsonHall will benefit Alsbridge clients by enhancing the ability of sourcing managers to undertake these key up-front screening and knowledge gathering exercises. This includes understanding the dynamics of each BPO market, the unique patterns of service delivery in each area, the implications for investment in existing shared service centers, the realistic level of benefits achievable and how these are achieved, together with the potential risks to avoid.

Alsbridge hosts regular Outsourcing Leadership Forums that examine the information needed to manage successful outsourcing ventures. For more information and to register for these events visit

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