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Alsbridge Announces Version 2.0 of Market Reality Assessment™ Service Plus Free Online Benchmarking Tool

Client, Alsbridge’s research shows that between 40 percent and 70 percent of value may be lost due to unsustainable contract terms and poor relationship management.

Hidden issues such as role instability and misinterpretation of outdated contracts among other issues can result in serious shortfalls in expectations and value loss.

Alsbridge has introduced a unique benchmarking service, called the Market Reality Assessment (MRA), to help companies identify and develop action plans around improving their outsourcing relationship.  The MRA can measure the quality of the relationship and contract, measure negotiation or re-negotiation progress, identify critical contract and relationship gaps, and define improvement gaps and opportunities.  The MRA also is used to reduce negotiation cycle times, or avoid unwanted termination costs by focusing on true issues.

Read the news release here:

Download pr_mra_version_2.0.doc


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