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All You Need Is Love – The “New” Beatles CD

I don’t normally review new music releases, but in this case, I am going to because of the importance of the "new" Beatles CD, Love.Bea40119_1

Produced by Sir George Martin and his son, Giles,
they have collaborated to produce a very unusual, yet effective means
of taking what I can best describe as the pallets of the Beatle’s music
and meld them into a fresh sound. 

Taking a variety of Beatles songs and overlaying them with each
other not only intertwines their music, but various styles and periods
of the Beatles musical catalog.  A good example of this taking Strawberry Fields Forever from
an early John Lennon acoustic demo and transitioning into what I best
describe  as a very interesting melding of elements from Hello Goodbye, Baby You’re a Rich Man, Penny Lane and Piggies – all from different albums and times.Thebeatles251006_w

To date, the BBC, and appropriately other British media such as The Liverpool Post, The Guardian, New Musical Express, TimeOut London, and Uncut have both positive and some mixed reviews.

Regardless of what you think of the approach, the CD is an important
and daring recompilation of a musical style  that shaped and influence
the world’s culture, political views, and many generations.

Their music certainly endures.

Highly Recommended. Best listened to with headphones the first few times.



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