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Alernative Celeb Spotting During CES

While CES is going on, another tradeshow that is making  headlines is happening in the same convention center:  the Adult Video Entertainment Expo.  (I’d really call it Silicon Implant Expo, but no one asked me.) 

Talk about people from central casting.  You see real porn stars (men and women) mixing and walking the isles of the Venician Hotel en route to the Sand Expo where CES is also being held.  While open only to the "trade" the show does have an offer for fans where you can attend the event for $50.  That gives you entry into the show and the chance to have your photo taken with with the industry’s greatest stars.

Me?  I must confess I would have love to have gone just to see the crowds, but I couldn’t make it.  I had to attend an IDC briefing on Consumer Electronic trends, and return to the show.  And after all, I suppose the plot lines to most of the movies that these people all star in are pretty much the same. 🙂

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