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Alan Visits Yet Another Apple Store: Soho in NYC

After my meeting today at the Israel Economic Mission, we had a great lunch at the world famous 2nd Avenue Deli, home of the world’s best corned beef. And after that, it was off to yet another Apple store

Last week, I visited the stores in San Jose, Palo Alto and San Francisco.  Today, it was the Soho store in New York City.  Modeled much like the San Francisco and Chicago store, it’s a big box format.  Upon walking in, I was greeted in the same vein that you get greeted by a friendly greeter at WalMart, but the guy who greeted me was much young, cooler and probably a whole lot more intelligent.

When I asked where the Genius Bar was, he told me that they were already all booked up for the day (this was at 2:00 PM).  I explained that I was traveling and he politely told me there was not much he could do.  He advised me that they were going to be building two more stores in Manhattan because this store was at over capacity. 

The store was packed. He told me that this was nothing compared to Saturdays and holidays.  While I was disappointed I could not visit with anyone at the Genius Bar, I did hang out a for a bit to people watch and log on to get my email.

All in all, another cool store, lots of interesting people to watch, and a brief moment of feeling like I was part of a very cool and quickly growing fan club.

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