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Alan Heads to L.A to See The Who at The Hollywood Bowl

Tomorrow I am heading to L.A. to see The Who at the Hollywood Bowl.

I have a wonderful cousin who lives there, and  this is how we do male family bonding stuff. In August we went to see Crosby Stills Nash & Young at at the Bowl.  What a show.

I’ve seen The Who in the UK and US and even have a real autographed letter from Peter Townshend, who along with Keith Richards are my heros.

Long, long story, but back when I was in college a hundred years ago
or so I corresponded with Pete about the idea of writing a thesis based
on the lyrics of Quadrophenia.  He turned me down because of scheduling stuff, but he sure liked the idea.

Anyway, what is left of the original band, Pete and Roger have produced a wonderful new CD, Endless Wire; their first in 26 years.  200pxendlesswirecover
I don’t plan to review it because I don’t want to.  I just want to enjoy it and not compare it to this album or that one.

Like The Beatles, The Rollings Stones, The Kinks, and Pink Floyd,
The Who are enduring bands whose music will outlast, outshine, outsell,
outform and out do everything known to rock and what we came to know as
The British Invasion.

As a rule, I download and buy my music from iTunes.
In this case, I went to Best Buy because it was not only $9.99, but you
get a live bonus CD and a bonus DVD from concerts this year.

If you are Who fan, buy it.   And if you are not and want a slice of music history, buy it anyway. 

Any Who fans out there?  Send me an email to: alan at weinkrantz dot com.

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