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Alan Gets a New MacBook Pro; No Signs of Depression or Economic Woes at the Apple Store – NorthStar Mall – San Antonio

I just got the new MacBook Pro. And the Apple Store at NorthStar Mall in San Antonio seemed to have them flying off the shelves.  In case you think there's a recession going on, it does not appear that it's hit this store.

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There's lots of reviews you can check out so I won't get into all the specs.  CNET has the best review I have found to date. 

This post is really about my impressions….

1.  The screen is superbly better than my older generation MacBook Pro.  Last night I was playing with the settings in the dark, and when cranked up full throttle on the brightness it can almost illuminate a room.

2.  The keyboard is much like the MacBook Air, which I don't recommend unless size and the loss of additional ports is not a big deal.

3.  The machine is faster.  Makes sense when you are upgrading two years later.

4.  The design is very elegant. Specifically….

  • You get the feeling that there are less moving parts and it's much quieter. 
  • It's also more rugged and the single aluminum construction is obvious when you pick it up. 
  • It's indeed slightly thinner than the older MacBook Pro.  Think if a bigger MacBook Air with more strength.
  • The bezel around the screen is much like the new iMacs and gives you the sense of having a larger screen.
  • The trackpad is huge and a new feature that just takes some getting used to.  The Genious person at the Apple Store at NorthStar Mall in San Antonio showed me some tricks and helped me set it up.

5.  The buying experience is something that in a class by itself. 

  • I called my Business Relationship manager.
  • Set up the appointment.
  • Got cleared by GE Leasing (yes, there is money for financiing left and GE appears to be liquid and money is flowing.
  • Left my old MacBook Pro so they could do the transfer and mirroring of my old machine.
  • Returned three hours later and presto!  New and faster machine.

Depression or Recession Not Evidenced at the Apple Store at NorthStar Mall in San Antonio

In spite of gloom and doom, it's not noticeable at the Apple Store at NorthStar Mall in San Antonio.  I came in on a Thursday mid afternoon and the store was buzzing with people buying, people training, people browsing. 

San Antonio is also a shopping mecca for Mexican Nationals who come here to hang out, shop and and shop and shop.  This particular store near the San Antonio Airport and is known to be a destination for buying Apple products once you land.

If you're a small (or large) business, I recommend leasing your computers so you can refresh them every two years.  Apple does this through GE Credit. 

In good times and in bad, you can conserve your cash, stay state of the art, and enjoy the best of breed in an Apple (and  Windows) computer.

Highly Recommended

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