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After Omaha, @JeffPulver stopping in Sioux Falls for #140conf Tweetup – Via Silicon Prairie News

Every good roadtrip leaving Omaha must have a pit stop in Sioux Falls!

With 15-plus years of various involvement on the internet under his belt, technology whiz, Jeff Pulver (left, photo from has something to offer everyone.

From innovation in voice on the internet to being publisher of The Pulver Report to being a part of the startup Vonage, Pulver has had a hand in many different avenues on the web and he wants to share it with anyone who will listen.

The #140conf Roadtrip is making a stop in Sioux Falls

Throughout this highly interactive event, Pulver will analyze the effects of surfacing issues of real time in business. His intention with launching this roadtrip was to spark dialogue amongst people from every walk of life. He also hopes to expose their unique voices, insights and perspectives of the real time web.

Join Pulver and many others on August 25 as they engage in “The State of Now” and let your voice be heard.

We look forward to meeting everyone in the community and thank you all for your support.

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