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Acting Responsibly As A Blogger

The experiment at my other blog continues, where  I am tracking my experiece of using the AT&T IPTV service.

Img_6279_3I now have been contacted by another trial user asking me if I want his opinion on his experience. 

I told the other user in an email that while I am not against doing it, I have to be responsible in what I do and how I report.

I advised him to get the service installed and give it a day or two before he starts sending me his comments.  I’m making no promises though- and it was never my intent to create a user group. 

In all fairness to AT&T, I see being a trail user as a privilige and with that privilage, I have to act responsibly.

What if there is a technical glitch?  Is this an AT&T issue?  Is this the 2Wire Gateway?  Was there a hickup in the phone line?   Could it be CPS, our electrical company?  I am not technically competent or expert enough to give a fair assessment.  That’s why I am focused on the user experience.  And- this is also an experiment in blogging and social media.

Once in a blue moon, I had a freeze up with the TimeWarner cable box as well as the old DSL modem.  Once in a while, our Dell server at the office freezes. That’s just the nature of the world we now live in.  I loved TimeWarner’s HD service and won’t deny that I miss enjoying HD- for now.

And remember folks, I am aiming this at the 99.999 % of the prospective customers who just want to come home from work and enjoy what could be a very cool IP video enabled world.

Photo by Alan Weinkrantz (c) 2006

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