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Above The Code Presentation at Hebrew University / Jerusalem

Today, I am at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where I gave the latest version of my Above The Code method to startup communiations.

Keep in mind that the above is really focused on the principles of communications.

The focus on here is on principles. They are believe sets. These are not tips and tricks. They are your first step forward – way before you even think about “PR,” or even thinking about “press…”

I call it “Above The Code,” because this is about the added layer on top of your code.

It’s the lyrics to your compostion.

It’s all rooted in music.

Others see it as code.

I think they are one and the same. King David was a guitar player and aside from B.B. King, Chuck Berry, and Keith Richards, I think he had a pretty good career.

He, like Jerusalem, was ‪#‎BuiltToLast‬.

That’s why most of what I have learned in doing what I do has been from musicians and not “startup experts.”

Thank you, Oded Barel and Nitzan Adler for inviting me to come today and speak.

Following my talk, I will be doing office hours with the students. It’s amazing to be on a college campus again.

40 years ago, I was at Antioch College where we used typewriters to do our work….Google was the card catalog at the library. The Beatles had alrady broken up way before….



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