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A Visit To Max’s in Eugene, Oregon….the Basis for Moe’s Tavern on The Simpsons

Every now and then, I have to break my own rules about sticking to
my editorial knitting.  In this case, I have to, because over the
weekend I was at a family thing in Eugene, Oregon and was able to visit
a cultural mecca that is a vital part of my life.


My cousin who was graduating from University of Oregon Law School, told
me about Max’s- one of his favorite bars in Eugene, which is the site
that was the basis for Moe’s Tavern on The Simpsons.  During a fancy
family meal up the street from Max’s I excused myself and walked over
to Max’s. (see below). 

I went inside and was immediately greeted by some of the regulars
who knew I was a tourist. Camera and all, the bar tender offered me a
free beer.  Being that I was about to drive 2 hours from Eugene to
Portland to hop on a midnight flight home, I turned him down, but
graciously thanked him. Dsc_7073

The beer.  The popcorn.  The pooltable.  The atmopshere.  Having
watched the Simpson with my kids, Aaron and Lauren for over ten years,
it was really a wonderful 10 minutes in my life.

Now back to blogging….

Photos (c) 2006, by Alan Weinkrantz

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