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A Summary of Facts, Stats, Sharing, Caring, Giving, Serendipity & Humanity from the #140Conf – @jeffpulver Rocks


1.  Each of the individual sessions from #140conf NYC now available over at:

2.  Over 1,000 people attended  It might be closer to 1,100.

3. metrics from Apr 12 to 22: #140conf sparked 22,835 twitter conversations-by 5,006 individuals-reaching 2.7m people

4.   Our 2 day broadcast had: 76,332 unique/126,300 total viewers on

5.  Watch the UN Envoy for Malaria now on  #endmalaria

6.  Donate $10 to buy a net and save a life.

7.  Friends of #140conf – look for yourself in the completed #140conf NYC Hashtag Art –






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