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A New and Better Way To Create An Online Press Kit:

Startups, Kickstarter companies, boutique brands, filmmakers, bands, architects, restaurants, etc., and people who are in their own right, a brand: is for you.

Every Company is Really A Media Company

Yup, it’s true:  every company is really a media company.  And if you don’t have an internal PR or Marcom person on your team, or if you don’t have a budget to retain a PR firm or ad agency on an on-going basis, you need a way to be discovered by the media, maintain a repository of  your brand’s digital assets, and be easily responsive to media opportunities when your pitches work.

Meet Ohad Ron and Nati Ohayon from  They’ve developed a super easy to use – and free platform for building your own online press kit.  I created my own Storyboard in about 20 minutes and it’s a very straightforward process.  If you need some help in doing your deployment, they’ll lend you a hand in making your Storyboard awesome,  at no charge.

I would like to see every accelerator, VC firm, and Startup Community Worldwide To Get Their Company’s Press Kits on Storyboard.

It helps the brands, helps the media and bloggers who need digital assets and cover companies, big ideas and creative initiatives in all walks of life, all over the world.

Highly Recommended.



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