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A Graphical Tour of the Last 210 Years of Information – Superb Graphic

This is a very well done story on the history of information – more pointed to where we get used to get our news from and where we are getting it now and in the future.

Posted via web from Alan Weinkrantz’s Stream of Life

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  1. Great post Alan. Made me remember some information in a strategic media planning book I read a few years ago. Although I can’t recall the title, here’s a link to the general topic of information that was presented in the book:
    What is also interesting to point out that not only is the means of information transmittal changing, the rate of adoption of these means can now be a matter of months, ie, the curve gets much steeper.
    Quoted from New Media Currents link:
    “The time from idea inception to adoption for each form of media has become shorter. Western printing took a few hundred years, radio 70, television 20, and the world wide web can introduce media that can be adopted in a matter of months; therefore, change hat used to take hundreds of years, now takes months, leaving many scrambling to keep up. Those who don’t keep up pay the price of being left behind.”


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