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A Conversation with Social Media Breakfast Founder and LiveWorld’s Social Media Evangelist, Bryan Person

Bryan Person has recently moved to Austin where he heads up LiveWorld’s social media evangelism initiatives.  He helps companies build communities based on the goals such as brand loyalty, create buzz, and how to develop a community management plan.  Brian is also the founder of the Social Media Breakfast which has spread around the U.S. and now the world.


  1. Alan:
    Thanks for posting this and the other videos from your conversation at last week’s SMC mixer in San Marcos. It was good to meet you and to talk about how we’re helping our customers at LiveWorld, and how the Social Media Breakfast series is spreading around the world!
    See you at the next event.
    –Bryan Person | @BryanPerson
    LiveWorld social media evangelist

  2. Hey there, Bryan and Alan:
    It’s a small digital world! Great to see friends and colleagues link up — and at such distances in time and space. Alan and I were at college together; Bryan and I worked across from each other at Monster, trying to teach the Trumpasaurus about using social media.
    Keep in touch.
    Ryck Lent
    rlent at LeaderNetworks dot com


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