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A Cast of Characters Convenes During @jeffpulver ‘s #140Conf Boston TweetUp @adamweiss @chrisbrogan @julien & more…

In advance of tomorrow’s #140Conf Boston, friends gathered at The Landsdowne to not only have TweetUp before tomorrow’s event officially gets under way, but to also sing “Happy Birthday’ to Jeff Pulver himself.

My evening actually started on the Boston Subway, en route to the event.  I was wearing a Twitter T-shirt and someone came up to me and asked if I was going to Jeff’s event.  I met Podcast Consultant, Adam Weiss and spent a few minutes in transit and then walking over to the event catching up with what he’s been up to.  It’s always amazing to follow someone like Adam for years, have a sense of his persona, and only to have him come to life – totally by serendipity in a subway.

I had a chance to see visit and connect with Jeff Pulver (of course), Chris Brogan, Julien Smith, and someone who just moved back from Japan, Lisa Petro, who is about to embark on a very ambitious and bold plan to break international and educational barriers through  I connected with Maya Paveza, who goes under the moniker of @mayaREguru – real estate expert and really nice person who offered me a ride in the morning to the Back Bay Conference Center.   

Startups are vibrant.

 Pierre-Loic Assayag’s Traackr, merits a serious look if you want to do serious measurement of online influence.   

Need a great hotel in Boston who gets and is part of the social media community in Boston?  Oh yeah – meet Christopher Lynn, Director of Sales and Marketing at the Colonnade Hotel, which was also one of the sponsors of the #140Conf Boston.  I met a very forward thinking printer, Keith Spiro, who is combining SEO and Social Media with good old / old school printing.  One delightful surprise was Lane Sutton the 13 year old entrepreneur who I covered in a short video interview for the #140Conf Blog. And finally, there was Peter Weissenstein, who played a vital role in remotely guiding us through Chicago traffic during the recent #140Conf Road Trip. 

This is just a cross section of wonderful people that you will be able to hear from and will be in the audience, learning, sharing and giving of their time and most of all, their hearts when #140Conf Boston convenes tomorrow morning.

See ya’all then.



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