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A Call For Israeli Cloud-Centric Startups: Apply Now For TechStars Cloud

While there are various accelerator programs around the world, there is only one focused on the cloud:  TechStars Cloud.  I’d like to see at least one Israeli company selected to come here for the three-month program.  

Watch Robert Scoble’s Interview with TechStars’ Jason Seats – April 11, 2012

Headquartered at Geekdom in San Antonio, Texas, the 2013 class will be the second time cloud-related companies will go through the intensive and very challenging process that will help accelerate your company, get you deal flow, and be associated with the best in class.  The application process is very competitive, with an expected 750 companies applying, with room for 10 to 12 companies.

I office at Geekdom and had a chance to watch the 2012 class arrive with their ideas and go through a pretty demanding process that wound up having each of these companies getting funded and in one case, a major follow on round in the $8 million dollar range.   In addition to being in the program itself, you will find the community willing to practically adopt you, help you, provide advise and cheer you on. 

TechStars Cloud is headed up Jason Seats, who’s been a very successful entrepreneur in his own right, and a good guy.  You will find Jason to be very personable, driven and demanding.  He and the team running the program want you to succeed — big time.

You will also find San Antonio a great place to camp out during your residency at TechStars Cloud.  We have a vibrant community,  and the world’s best Mexican food. 

Application Information and Deadlines

If you’re inventing the future in the area of the cloud, I encourage you to explore what could be next for your company at TechStars Cloud. The deadline to apply is November 4.  Applications received by October 14 will have greater consideration.

I encourage you to apply here (and specify Cloud).



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