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A Book You Won’t Find @ SXSW 2011 / But Is A Must Read. Here’s Why.

Today starts the mad rush of noise and competing for attention that SXSW 2011 brings.  Many of us are service providers of all types.  We’re here to learn, share, discover and have tons of fun.

But after this is all over, reality will set in, and we gotta make a living, and grow the various businesses and enterprises that have created.

During SXSW, you’re going to be promoted to death with new and cool books about the next big thing in social media, marketing, advertising, direct marketing and everything else.  Sure, many of these books are helpful, but before you go on to discover the next big shiny thing, I highly recommend you do something for yourself that will help you in selling your service when you return home. 

It’s Blair Enn’s “Win WIthout Pitching.”  His inspiring book is what he refers to “A Manifesto of Business Practices for Creative Firms.”  

You can read it online for free here.  You can buy the eBook for $9.00 here.  Or buy the hardback (recommended) on Amazon here.

The reason I suggest buying the hardback is because it will hopefully become a desk companion to you that you can read, re-read and read again when you are selling services and building a better and more profitable business amid the forces of price competition and commoditization.

Read it.  Highly Recommended.

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