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Doh! A 7-11 Gets Retrofitted As a Kwik E Mart


OK-  today I am not pontificating or writing about some cool thing we’ve done for a client.

Today’s post is about The Simpsons Movie which just came out.

Over the weekend, I was in Dallas and went to a retrofitted 7-11 store that became a Kwik E Mart (as in the one on The Simpsons).  There’s even a Flickr page devoted to the store in Dallas.

What a brilliant movie, and what a brilliant idea for turning into a high traffic store like this  7-11 into a replica  Kwik E Mart.Dscn0543

They had Kwik E Mart branded gas, cookies, and I even bought some Buzz Cola.  Being perpetually on a diet, I did not go for the donuts, but they sure looked good.

Have you seen The Simpsons Movie?

Doh! Photos shot on location at the Kwik E Mart by Alan Weinkrantz (c) 2007

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