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3 Day Startup San Antonio Delivers a Playbook on How to Start and Run a New Tech Company

Last night I had the opportunity to take part in watching a series of new company pitches based on a method known as 3DayStartup.  As its name implies, participants spend an intense three days with the end game of trying to start a technology company in three days.

Most of the students were from Trinity University, and mirrors the initiatives that local entrepreneurs and investors Pat Condon and Dirk Elmendorf have taken with the recent creation of a new entrepreneurial program at Trinity University.  Recently, Trinity announced the hiring of Luz Cristal Sanchez Glangchai as Associate Director of the program.

The video here are interviews from four people I spoke to, three of which –  Pat Condon, Matt Reedy, John Engates are local entrepreneurs / investors, and the final interview is with Cam Houser, who is a Director with 3 Day Start Up.  I also have a CinchCast interview with Dirk Elmendorf who elaborates about the Trinity Center for Entrepreneurship.

Special thanks to  Ryan Kelly and Vid Luther, who invited me to the event. Ryan and Vid collaborate on running locally based, Pear Analytics.



  1. Thanks Alan for covering the story! You rock!

  2. Thanks Alan for covering the story! You rock!


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