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How To Save Money on PR During A Downturn – Revisit your Wire Service Strategy and Expenses

Just because you may need to reduce costs, it does not mean that you have to disappear from the radar.

Here's some tips: 

1.  When using a wire service like PR Newswire or BusinessWire, don't buy the national circuit.

Buy a local circuit.  In fact, buy the least expensive local circuit you can buy.

It will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars depending on the scope and reach you are going for.

2.  Going global?  If you need to reach the UK, buy the metro London only circuit.  In general, try to buy capital cities only.  You'll get the local translation and major media outlets where they tend to be located.

3.  Is this really newsworthy?  Ask yourself if what you are about to announce is really newsworthy, or in need of compliance.  If not, reduce the number of press releases you issue, but don't kill the outreach.  If you have five releases scheduled through the end of the year, pace them out a bit more, consolidate your news and reduce the number to three.  

You stay on the radar.  You are visible on the search engines.  You communicate to your publics.

Yes, Wire Services Are Effective and Worth the Money

I highly recommend wire services.  Even in times of budget cuts.  The main thing is that you need to get on to the search engines in ways that only the major wire services can get you on.

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