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#140Conf London – Kodak Brings Social Media into the European Spotlight

Kodak Brings Social Media into the European Spotlight
First European 140 Characters Conference (#140conf) in London at the O2 Arena, November 17th 2009

London, 10/19/2009 –

The third iteration of the 140 Characters Conference (#140conf), produced by Jeff Pulver and co-hosted by Kodak, is coming to London on November 17th 2009. The London event at the “O2 Arena” is expected to draw up to 900 attendees, seeking knowledge and insight regarding the effect the real time social web has on global business. During the conference, Kodak will exhibit their latest consumer products, technologies and solutions; feature event photos and talk about their successes in Social Media. Interested people can register for the London 140conf on

“Kodak prides itself on helping people build relationships,” said Jeff Hayzlett, chief marketing officer and vice president of Kodak. “We’re extremely pleased to co-host not only the conference in LA, but also the one in London to reach out to the European social media characters. Together we want to share ideas and help show the people in Europe how the social media platform has transformed the way we communicate, explore and interact with the world around us.”

The “characters” slated to attend the London event are those who are actively participating, who are passionate about Twitter, and who can speak to the effect “tweeting” has on topics such as business, celebrity, politics, and more.  The conference will attract established brands and celebrities, members of the media, and Twitter users, some of whom have become celebrities and brands in their own right.

“Kodak is a perfect example of a brand setting itself apart in this new “State of Now” world,” said Jeff Pulver, creator and producer of the 140 Characters Conference. “The conference’s goal is to examine the impact real time social internet has on celebrity, media, advertising and politics, and can only be enhanced by Kodak’s participation. We’re thrilled to partner with them.”

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About the 140 Characters Conference

The 140 Characters Conference (#140conf) is the first event of its kind to take a hard look at the effects of Twitter on: Celebrity, The Media, Advertising, Politics and more. At the 140 Characters Conference we look at Twitter as a platform and as language we speak (but not the only platform and not the only language.) Overall we are exploring what Jeff Pulver describes as “The State of Now” and the effects of the Real-Time Internet on Business.

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