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#140Conf , here we come!

If you don’t know what Twitter is, chances are you’re not on the Internet, and not reading this post. When all’s said and done, the winner for the fastest growing Internet phenomenon of 2009 will go to the little blue bird that has everyone in Media buzzing about with uncertainty and joy, both at the same time.

Most everyone that uses Twitter loves Twitter, but not everyone understands it. People who know of it, and aren’t on it, choose not to be… They fear it, they don’t get it, or they shun the poor little bird, thinking it’s a cult of weirdos who can only stare at their phones when sitting around a table at a bar. Though that may be somewhat true, it’s not entirely accurate, and the 140 Characters Conference is right around the corner to help clear some of that up.

Started by Jeff Keni Pulver, the 140conf is a fast paced, unique conference that focuses on Twitter, real-time web, how it effects business, search, and us – the users. The line-up of speakers is pretty stacked with great, influential folks, and TechZulu is definitely looking forward to covering the event. We hope to see you there!



140 Character Conference

October 27th and 28th

Kodak Theater

6801 Hollywood Blvd

Los Angeles, CA



[see map & hotel information]

Be sure to tune in to the @TechZulu Twitter stream during the event to stay up to speed on coverage, event happenings, and the inevitable nightlife networking events that are surely going to rock.



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