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140 Character Conference / LA Taking Shape – Come Explore the State of Now

The Characters:

Wine guy, host of Wine Library TV. Video blogger and Businessman that loves people and the hustle

Billy Bush

Twitter: @BillyBush
Location: LA

TV and Radio host

Jeff Keni Pulver

Twitter: @jeffpulver
Location: New York

Technology Anthropologist; Entrepreneur; Early-Stage Seed Investor; story teller, Living in Social Media. Producer of #140conf


Twitter: @JasonCalacanis
Location: My new account is @jason

My new account is @jason

Sol Lipman

Twitter: @thesolster
Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Co-Founder of

Dave Winer

Twitter: @davewiner
Location: Berkeley, CA

Media Hacker, Twitterer

Mahesh Murthy

Twitter: @maheshmurthy

Stowe Boyd

Twitter: @stoweboyd

Jeffrey Hayzlett

Twitter: @JeffreyHayzlett

Ben Morrison

Twitter: @benthemorrison

matt singley

Twitter: @mattsingley


Twitter: @FrankAddante

Ted Cohen

Twitter: @spinaltap

Brodie Beta

Twitter: @iphonegirl

Francine McKenna

Twitter: @retheauditors


Twitter: @mercilessflirt

Peter Friedman

Twitter: @PeterFriedman

Jay Bushman

Twitter: @jaybushman

jaysin sheahan

Twitter: @jaysins


Twitter: @thinkmaya

Laura Roeder

Twitter: @lkr


Twitter: @felixsalmon

Brian Simpson ☯

Twitter: @Bsimi

Danny Brown

Twitter: @DannyBrown

Kim Sherrell @Kim

Twitter: @KimSherrell

Sudha Jamthe

Twitter: @sujamthe


Twitter: @adventuregirl

Arleen Anderson

Twitter: @AlohaArleen

David Halpert

Twitter: @smopilot

Jeffrey Sass

Twitter: @sass

Victor Barrera

Twitter: @vtbarrera

Andrew Mueller

Twitter: @andrewmueller

Joe Fernandez

Twitter: @JoeFernandez

Bill Plaschke @ LAT

Twitter: @BillPlaschke

LA Times City Desk

Twitter: @LATimescitydesk

Stewart Cink

Twitter: @stewartcink

Rachael Depp 

Grae D. & Gariana A.

Twitter: @popcornmafia

Bethe Almeras

Twitter: @balmeras

ABC7 Eyewitness News

Twitter: @abc7

Matt Stewart

Twitter: @mjfstewart

Chris Adams

Twitter: @dcasurf

A.J. Pape

Twitter: @ajpape


Twitter: @FanChatter

Sherry Kronenfeld

Twitter: @SherKro

Chris Gore

Twitter: @ThatChrisGore

Tina Clark

Twitter: @tostina

steve greenberg

Twitter: @steviegpro

Leah Frederick

Twitter: @LeahSoRocks

David Wild

Twitter: @Wildaboutmusic

Neal Rohrbach

Twitter: @nrohrbach

Jessica Gottlieb

Twitter: @JessicaGottlieb

Alan Weinkrantz

Twitter: @alanweinkrantz

Chris Sacca

Twitter: @sacca


Twitter: @wallacejnichols

James Andrews

Twitter: @keyinfluencer

Alessandra Colaci

Twitter: @AlessandraCo

JD Andrews

Twitter: @earthXplorer

Christine Lu

Twitter: @christinelu

Kodak Chief Blogger

Twitter: @kodakCB’ type=’text/javascript’%3E%3C/script%3E”));

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